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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sunflower, as hot as the Sunshine Can get.

As I had promise for my dear birthday girl, Syazlyna. Here's a lot of pictures. Excuse me darling, the pictures are not that interesting as your birthday present, because the one you in it, would be much better ayte? Nonetheless enjoy~

This pictures were taken during our little trip to a sunflower farm, and the sun was hot, really hot.

The Sunflower, Upclose and Down Under.

Cute Litte Cottage
Back to Basic; Cycling around the farm.

Them, with lots of Sun Flower

Pian, his lense look 'pro' ayte? Compare to mine.

Set timer, Lay down your camera; Here's what you get.

Tiny creature and not that 'tiny' creature.

A Little Vintage Touch, Perhaps.

Syazlyna; I'll try to catch you through my lense if I ever got the chance. =)


AKU said...

love the sunflower.

nadia_saleh said...

wuu..surely syaz wont wait long enough to meet u after u hit back on land..

hihi..im waiting for that moment.. :P

Anonymous said...

aku suke gambar last skali nie ..

mij0ohAns said...

lawaaaaaa gilaaaaaaa!!!
aku suke sume pictures ko peanut!
kuneng kuneng je sume..
dgn sunflower nye,dgn basikal nye..
THUMBS UP la kat cik peanut aka PHOTOGRAPHER gempak! =))

Aurora$yaz said...

Wah wah! nama saya dipromote habes utk cik peanut. :PP

Peanut, I like white orchids. Tapi kat sana mcm xde kan? hahaha.
If ada bley la jd 1 of ur mission.

Ceyh, suka hati je kn suruh2 orang.

Yah ale', I cant wait for her 2 balik! :PP

syafinaghazi said...

eydot & mizu: thanx....sunflower sgt lawa, aku n senior pompuan aku tarek gak dak2 laki drive kitorg g sane..haha...

ale & syaz: aku lagi la x sabar nak balik, tapi balik dah bulan pose..xleh melantak... =(

tayn: yay! I tot xde sape suke gambar last yang di edit melampau~ aku ske vintage2~~

Iktab said...

Bestnye.. Sunflower. Nice editing + pictures too..
Sasuga canon users.. Hahahaha..

yananana said...

nice gila. ko edit guna apa,pnut?

syafinaghazi said...

iktab: haha canon rawk kan!!!

yana: thanx~ the usuall; photoshop and lightroom. =P