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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Carousel; The Pony Rides

I hate roller coaster and any other freaking scary in-your-belly-welch rides.

I love carousel. It feel fine, relax, like you are taking a stroll along with some funny wave rythm ( get it? the up and down of the pony ). The ponies are all cute and come along with character. I can pick whichever one I like. Right?

Fine- You got me. I'll admit. Poo~Hoo. I'm easy to scare, a coward, and I don't like the nausea feeling afterward of every roller coaster ride. I don't get it; why people can line up to just get into some 1minutes ride that will give you some sheer dizziness afterward??

Still can somebody buy me a cotton candy? I love that fluffy thing so much.


mij0ohAns said...

aku suka naik roller coaster n aku suka jugak cotton candy!!haha~

anyway,ko suka paragliding tp ko xsuka roller coaster??

LOCO™ said...

oit peanut..
i gotcha~

syafika said...