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Monday, September 7, 2009

Paragliding Phase Me

Woot! Woot!

I'm home. Safe and sound. Pretty much been slacking around. I'd yet to hit the mall. I've got some absurd disease of afraid to leave home. ( More to penyegan actually ) Haha.

Last Saturday, I went Paragliding. out of ten rating, I'd go with twenty. Huh!

and yes; I didn't go solo. Ive got to have classes. Seems imposible with me studying somewhere else.

Dad was overwhelmed with the stuff. He asked a lot, and get this, the complete set of a paragliding stuff will cost you about RM 12 grand!! ( Uncle said: There's always second hand )

I had begged dad before during the 'after SPM period'. That time his reply was ; " Kau nak mati ke??".....huh...I dunno why suddenly he let me do it this time. Nonetheless I DID IT.

The view very2 spectacular. Superb! An eagle flew beside us. I was at 920 feet above the ground. Ofcourse I was gayat at first, then it felt better, smooth and steady even. I went flying 2 times. On the second time, the uncle even gave me the handle for a while. Really cool!

Here some video. Edited by my lil sis, based on my too fancy request.

Ill post some pic later from above.~

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