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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Yassin For The Love One

When I reached my room back in Sappporo, Fek told me that one of my senior had lost his father. Shock caught me up. Startled. I'm not sure what to reply. But I thought " Lucky him, because atleast he made the right choice coming back this summer.". Guess it could happen to anyone right? I've had that thought pretty much often, my knee go wobbly thinking of little that I know that just now could be the last Skype Conversation with my love one.

To my senior; you had my condolences and Al-Fatihah to your love one.

Here is my brother and sister, doing the Yassin recital at our Atuk and Opah grave.

To everyone who are dealing situation like this; be though, though I know it's hard.


mij0ohAns said...

seriously mmg lately ni ramai je yg lost their loved one kan..even one of my childhood friend pn,baru je smlm mak dia meninggal..
sedih je..

tp,da katepun ajal maut kat tangan Allah kn..kte dpt sedekah Al-Fatihah je la kat diorg semua yg dah meninggalkn kte tu..hmm~

syafinaghazi said...