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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lost 101.

Life really is terrifying.Especially when I'm in lost.Hell, I am lost all the time. and scared.It's the course lab pre-guidance that get me. Honestly, all the teacher smart talking ran over my ear like wind, and what funny is I don't get it, blank is all I got. Palm sweating and I was anxious to get myself to understand. I am so doomed.

Eyes flickered to all sides, catching up glances of my friends taking up some notes.

Mine? Perfectly nice white sheets. "Owh shoot, doodle something come on!".

Shame start to take control of me. To say embarassment is much what I deal here pretty much every day is an understatement.

But what can I do?

Having picked to study in foreign languange, embarassment do come in package. Soon you realize you are so good at it, you can have a laugh at embarassing yourself.

Yet embarassment I didn't mind so much. What is? To be in the known. Means? Please somebody shed a light to me. Give me a sign or something. Or come and take my hand, walk me down the right lane. I don't want to be lost. It is so scary. Pettrify me so much. If I knew what I have await for me, I pretty much wish to be cave in back in my mother's womb.

Class start tommorow.Time to figure out what actually I'm doing here. When I thought my misery (the last time exam) had end, it all start all over again. Back to square one. I wish this time I could handle much better.


mij0ohAns said...

i know u'll survive.
have faith~ =)

sara_dyll said...

u can do it dear :)

syafinaghazi said...

thanx u guys~ appreciate it~