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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cousin Camwhoring

First up; here is Aqish. Let see could you guys guess how old is she? Kids nowdays, sure knew how to outgrown oneself huh.

Well Ira here is my very-very particular favourite cousin, she dreamt of going to ATMA or something. Enough said; she have my respect! ( Even from our boy-cousin, I had never heard such thing )
Well this one, no need to introduce,( I think ). My own little sister, which I'm holding a record; we didn't fight the last time I was at home. I swear not even a hiss. haha

Them and the gorgeous sunset glow kiss behind!

Taraa! We rock the jungle out, didn't we?

Pretty much you can skip this picture, it's just me. ( If you see close enough; you can see my crooked awlward smile ) . I can't pose. That's it!


adzuan aziz said...

great tone la.warmy yum yummy~haha

mij0ohAns said...

a'a la peanut..
ko nmpk cm awkward gile..mcm nk jatoh ke ape tah..heheh..
but all & all, ur pics sume lawa!=)

ouh,and muke aqish tu ala2 mcm zalikha ilyani lah. tak rse ke?

syafinaghazi said...

wan: thanx...gelap sebenarnye time nih.. 6stgh.. but then this is what you get shooting with prime~ =) (ofcourse slight process with light room) hehe

syafinaghazi said...

mizu: kan2..benci gile beb..aku xleh ditangkap gambar..menangkap jek bleh...hahahah thanx anyway..

yeke? maybe the hair kot? i think ika cam lg panjang kot muke.. n lagi giddy!
eh aqish tu baru f1 taw ak.. cube ko igt dulu muke aku f1 camne mizu.. gile sakai kot.. hehe..