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Monday, October 5, 2009

Me and Alcohol?

When it rain, it pours. and I am not just saying about the weather. Nope. I was inside though, observing in amazement, to what alcohol could do to human. They were slurping and clinking their glasses to whatever they could to.

"To the new students! Cheers!"
"Hooray for tonight.Cheers!"

"To the girls from Tokyo! Cheers!"

Drips and drops everywhere, and god forbid I was straining myself not to get my glass cling with them, (note: mine was just orange juice, okay) and a few I did was just out of respect.

Conversation turned into a slur. Red faces everywhere. The professor and students were now hard to differentiate, because by then they were all an ally, teaming up to finish all the alcohol their hand could get into. By the crooked of their mouth, spots of drizzle alcohol made way to their shirts. I wished hard that didn't jump on mine.

Right when I thought was the time to head back; they dragged me upstair, to the lab research. I'm impressed, by the tought of them giving us, the new student, a brief tour. I knew I was wrong when I saw more of the alcohol. Damn, seriously in the lab? By all the rock and earth specimen there? ( to be exact, it was geology lab research ). They sure do have their own style.

I want out! Endured it first for few hours. Drinking up some ocha and snacking edamame.....

" Whamp! "

One of the boy was banging on the table and shrieking out my name:

" Nina! "

( of course with an offensive look )

Oh boy, he was down drunk, and I never knew he knew my name.

Then I sneaked out, determined, they were drunk anyway, sure they could not remember me sneaking out.With a mental note , that all I wore will go straight to laundry, and I scrub myself vigorously!

Right after I sneaked out, the rain had stopped! Just my luck


mij0ohAns said...

talking about one of the adventure you had to go through ait..huhu~

syafinaghazi said...

yurp, one i wish to never had to go again... tobat weh..klu boleh minum pun, aq xmaw kot...

syafika said...

na..y u mia??

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