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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Faux Edging Myself

Woot~ Woot~ Its been a week since I posted something here, I have been pretty much struggling to cope with study.

So the lack of blogging made my skill poorer, you could see the title of this post;

Faux Edging Myself

Hey who does that kind of title? :

1) Faux: for the faux leather jacket I wear. ( Can't afford real one meh...)

2)Edging: Thought this line of photos have their own edginess ( kot la.... T_T )

3)Myself: Forewarning; Ive been told that I can't pose, but hell I think pictures with human being is much 'soul-er', hence, there I pose myself.

The Extra Awesome Spot

Me and my boyfriend(Notice: he's in my embrace) Haha~

Some Details Shot. ( Or I mean my accecories ) ngeh~

The fossil is my sister's, we exchanged, just until I come back again.

I tried okay! ( The effort of my handphone as tripod for my camera in the mere 10seconds)


izzat said...

nice r pics ko tp asal yg last skali 2 masam giler weyh
sneyum r ckit br manis...


btw xkn boyfriend ko kamera je kot

syafinaghazi said...

haha~ kantoi gle~ trying nak fierce sebenarnye~

hik3..thanx anyway ijat~

owh aah i loyal kat boyfriend yang satu jek~


syafika said...

ooi senyum la na oi ..
btw cntik jam aku!!!

adzuan aziz said...

haha.kakkoi la gambar last.;D

syafinaghazi said...

ika: mmg ah chantek~ tengok harge ah bai~

wan: ko perli aku ape~ xpe2~ =P