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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Devouring The 2D Food

Yeah I meant it, seriously, 2D? Yeah, you get me right 2D.

As many of you well aware, I am an avid foodie. If I am in Bella's shoes, it'll be hard for me to change into vampire and not going to eat real food, except just sucking real blood. So food trumps Edward! Yeay!

I love eating till death, and yes, I have love-hate relationship with 'diet'. Can't really say I can handle it. No way man, meats are sexy, and extra there and here? Well, who going to bother? ( haha, except those time when I'm up on the scale and numbered~ I got 'mini-freak out' session everytime )

I just want to share some absolute favourite blogs all the time:

1) Taste-Spotting blog; seriously, I can't get enough, the picture keep your mouth watery~

2) Food wishes. Chef John is very kind to do video for almost every recipe, and trust me, his video is not boring, he's funny, and quick-to-the-point kind of guy.

Warning: Just don't go visit them while you are hungry, you might gonna blame me then! =)

'My love affair with banana' teehee

Side Note: Cik Orked, ape link baru ek? Nak link kan, but tataw.

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