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Friday, November 6, 2009

He's Back!

Woo Hoo~~~

He's back! Missed him badly~
The Japs are really know for their service right~ REAL FAST!
and Thanx Canon! FOC I tell you! Eventhough my warranty only cover in the US. Now you know why I prefer Canon, hik3

So I went celebrating a little, ate omellete rice ( the Japs style one ), on the side of it I ordered the most expensive salad on the list; Smoke Salmon Salad!

Some pics from recure-him!

Amir ordered this tall and ridiculous parfait, and we fought over the orange thing. He said that was an apricot, while I thought that was peach! So which one of us right?

The content look is so written all over my face

My bet he's okay now, look like Amir can take sharp tack picture too, so this camera is back on his feet~ Heh as if he have feets

Owh, as happy as I was just now, I bought a bottle of Crabtree&Evelyn La Source Body Lotion, which is really pricey but smell real good! Just so you know~


.o r k e d. said...

looks sdap! hee..ngape muka begitu?

gazzy said...

mud ko dah oke la tuh!!

syafinaghazi said...

orked: sebab kekenyangan..plus bersyukur camera dah elok balik~

gazzy??: muk, ko ke?pahal pki name papa? ha3.. ye ar dah elok balik~ Tapi habes aku ske2 nak shopping lak~