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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fall Picnic

Yours Truly =)

Maira, Sheela and Kak Ernee with Red Leafs

Cute bicycle for props? Yes Please!

Ignore the 'senget' person.

That was the day we planned to have a picnic, although it was real windy.
That was the day when my camera suddenly went wrong.
That was the day I went back to basic; 'point and shoot' please!
That was the day Maira's compact camera became litterally mine for the day.
Sorry! I cannot survive a day without clicking pictures!

That was the day Sheela out broke herself!
That was the day she realize she can ride a bicycle, despite all the year she never hold one.
That was the day that made me realize, now and then people can do fabulous things!
You go girl!!

Outfit For The Day! ( Purple lawa kan Yana~ )

Happy November Guys!


Anonymous said...

saya suka basikal tu.comel!

.o r k e d. said...

cantek nye pic!red leaf.auuwww...nk join!outfit kao mmg msuk ngan scene.cute beskal tuh, cute sgt!ei..best gila!!

syafinaghazi said...

Tayn: Kan!!!! Chumil sgt~ Rase cam aku nak beli beskal baru

Orked: thanx pasal outfit~ skrg dah xleh pki ringan2 dah~ sejuk2..oh btw, aku tataw ape url baru ko?