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Friday, October 30, 2009

Hello Sunshine!!!


I just love this photo!!! Can't help uploading it here for you guys to see. I was working on sharpening my editing skill as to distract missing my sick boyfriend, so I went through old pictures. Here some of us, autumn trip.

Reason to love:

a) Owh the drama flare of the sun~ ^^ Sangat suka la~
b)The warm tone.
c) I just have to say; my boots! new boots! Working it out~
d) Of course the full house of my friends!

( although I have to say that the picture is a lil bit off on the focus, but still I LOVE it!! )

Ps: The weather was through-the-bone cold just now! Sapporo will be snowing sooner than I thought! ;(

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da tuka url.sila update ya (: