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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Yesterday

This a true story, well, it could be cleverly exaggerated.

Fellow kussesian, you may really want to see the video, even if you skip my writing, just scroll to the video

My yesterday, was what I thought the usual, but how wronged I was! Instead of slumping back to homeworks and studying, my lil sister had turned it into quite a night. It was like WOAH! She asked my number and email, sorta. I shrugged her off, gave what she want, and next thing I know BOOM!; The producer of RTM contacted me. I came to my senses that they wanted me to join some 'forum' by the 'Suara Siswa' show, okay; *how could I say NO?* ( I just don't do that, I mean, it's so not me~ )

Okay,cool, fine, just a forum, whatever~.

"Adik, ni LIVE tau, pukul 10 waktu Malaysia ye, adik online Skype ye nanti...."


Now it's getting somewhere, and so is my vocabulary of swearing words. (#$*#%#% siut ko ieka~)

I even said this to my mum;

" Ma, u might want to reconsider this; you may not want to go masjid anymore. See, there's a probability I'll make a fool of myself, and I don't think there is another 'Syafina Ghazi' . "

*pleading with a poker face*

Seems that they had made me dip one feet in the pond, heck~ why not I just dive in it. Their techician had talked to me 'play by play', so I knew briefly what the forum going to be about.

Budaya Fanatik? or was it Fanatik Budaya? *dah pening dah*

Drafted a lil in my head; Cosplay? Games? Fashion? *huh* I knew I'm gonna lose it.

So I twitched, as nervousness seems to be beyond controls. Ugh Jitters~ T_T Homeworks? I can't concentrate, let alone do my homeworks.

The time had almost come, and they contacted me one last time before the 'LIVE' show to prep me up. I thought the technician had gone changed his clothes or something, because this technician seems too fashion savvy by his appearance. Until, he tilt his face down and face the web cam.........................


*Uh oh*
Let me just say; OMG it's freaking Dr. Fazley!

Fazley: Okay, Syafina. Hi~ Abang nak Syafina kira 1 hingga 10.

Me: *obeyed like a kindergarden student* 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10. (actually dizzied by his appearance)

Fazley: Eh lupe nak kenalkan diri. Nama abang, Fazley.

*Sape tak kenal ko kot. Being modest, what a man.*

Fazley: Syafina cakap satu-persatu dan dengan intonasi yang baik tau. Senyum sikit?

Me: ( eh? hadn't I smiled hard enough? ) *grin, like really grinning * ngeeeee~~

Fazley: Manis~ *He actually grinned at me back and flashed a thumb up! Thumb up weh!

Me: *redden**beaming* *Ahhhhhh~~~~* *Maniskah?*

Fazley: Okey, nanti lepas abang dah intro bagi salam semua, kite buat lain sikit nak? Abang kate 'Konnichiwa' ke? Ke nak abang kate 'Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha' ? * He made a face* *cute*

Me: Saya tak kisah, bang. Abang nak buat lawak, saya layan jek. * I know I'm a dork*

Fazley: Okayla, kejap lagi abang call balik ok.

Eh what was his name again? Dr.Fazley? Scrath that- Abang Fazley~ *mood gedik*

So I watched the online streaming, *first time kot tgk RTM online*. When the show started, I feel a jolt in my stomach. *This is so gonna be bad**Please don't be suck*

When the panels came and be introduced by Fazley, my stomach made another whoop and roll. Suffi Kamari? The Suffi Kamari? My Hi-School mate? The one that I had always argue with? The one that I hate the most? *Owh you must be kidding me*

Talk about stage fright, more to cyberly connected stage fright!
and talk about having a school reunion? Huh~

Watch the video as you please. Entertain yourself with dorky wide-smile, teeth grinning Syafina Ghazi. At the most of the time, you'll see that I was litteraly shaken up, and terkedu dengan soalan-soalan. Tipu la Abang Fazley, kate soalan senang-senang.

(note: you may want to bring the volume of your computer to the notch, quite hard to hear )

Want to know how it end? Well, Fazley asked for my number. He couldn't resist. Fine,fine, I'm kidding. XD. Nowdays, who need an autograph? Skype calling is the 'in' thing babe~ Skype called with Abang Fazley; =) .

Owh dearie fellow Kussessian: Sugong dah besar gile kot, kan??


To Cik Diyana; who being there all the time, and freaking shouted when it was my time to on air. and also recorded the video.

Ofcourse to my lil sister; you know I didn't mean those harsh words, thanks, although I was kinda a coward at first, and I owed to you the-grinning-thumbs-up-showing-Fazley's images in my head now. Seriously, I sure it'll last. I even hurt my jaw by now, sengih-sengih all the way sorang-sorang.

Ps: Dr Fazley, if you reading this, please don't hesitate to ask for my number. Haha, see, I did make a fool myself here, perasan~

***Further Edited***

From Suffi's blog, if anybody want to read from his side, check him out. =P


yananana said...

pheeeeeeeeee! super gila bapak cool! :)

hehehe, wow am glad to see this u know. tho aku x leh dgr lnsg pe ko cakap. hehe.

and hell yes, sugong bapak besar! :D

Anonymous said...

saya bangga ngan anda!
jealous ok ckp ngn dr fazley and masuk tv lagi.
and kau sangat comel!

izzat said...

urayamashii wa
ngan dr fazley 2
da la live kt tv

good job pea!!!!!

syafinaghazi said...

yana: p try bagi you tube nye link..mane taw lagi kuat ke..hahaha tapi xpenting pun, p jawab cam sengal gile, confirm sugong duk gelak jek sepanjang masa!

tayn: kan~ aku yang xpenah minat fazley, tetibe leh gedik lak..haha..chomel sbb cuba hide kecuakan... =P

ijat: deshou! tu la, sgt eksaited!doumo2~ baito kat ikea weh?

You Tube Link (kalau berminat nak dgr jugak la )

Anonymous said...

and u know what?
aku dah agak mesti kau terkuar nye jepun kau tu.
kakak aku selalu sangat cmtu.

AKU said...

cool wehh pnut. mcm bangga pun ada. hehe.

nad said...

babe i saw u live that night just before u ended ur speech. proud and proud of u both=p

AmeD said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
nadia_saleh said...

fuh..lmbt giler aku komen..tp xpe..

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