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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Weekly Chores Surprises

Funny how little things tend to surprise you, well they don't call little thing for no reason eh? =)
I was up on a mission of weekly chores, the usual

  1. dirty laundry in the wash? CHECK!
  2. Decluttering the unbelieveably messy desk? - CHECK!
  3. sparkling the toilet bowl, as well the mirror too? -CHECK!
  4. whipping up some dish for the weekday ahead?- CHECK!

I cook only or preferrably on weekend. So by the weekdays I simply preheat, briliant! Er, no? Suits me, though, because sometime there are days where I tend to feel under the weather, like when tons of assignment come raining down, or just simply I feel like sulking in. Well it ran down to my only last chores, which is vaccuming the carpet+floor. While my 'ayam masak lemak' is on top the stove, which I knew wasn't much as mum's, I started feeling home-sick. Brushing it off aside, grabbed the vacum and off I went to all the crooks and corner of my square-ish apartment. And guess what I found lurking in the corner? A single copper color one cent Malaysia by the feet of my desk. *grinning sheepishly* How on earth did it get there?

The 'one cent' prompted me. Rewarding myself after chores, I ate the complete version of mine, home style. Diced up some red onion, with cili padi, tomato, with soysauce and drizzle some lemon to eat with fresh fried fish, - ofcourse with my-not-so-much ayam masak lemak!

*heaven~ ^^

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