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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Be my Secret Santa or just Whack Out Awesome Friends!

I have some awesome bad ass friends who had requested wishlist for my upcoming birthday presents. So let me start.

Forewarn:It may get long and ridiculous. Just because a girl can only wish. That what wishlist are for.

1) A boyfriend. Jacob-worth boyfriend. Don't ask me why.
2)Bath towels. Quality one, please. Touch it, you feel 'comfort', that's the one.
3)I think I need to change perfume. I'm tired of Britney's Fantasy after 2 bottles of it. ( Thank You, somebody already bought for me )
4)Bribe my sensei. Not one, but all. I want to pass E.A.S.Y
5)A plate of lamb chop, or steak or whatever that come close to that.
6)Any thing that come in real blue colour, not baby blue, not turqoise. BLUE. I crave for the color right now. Refference, here.
7)PhotoJojo Book. Seems fun.
9)Marshmallow. White one. The one that I found here come with the ingredient ' Gelatin ( Pig ) '. Grrrrreeeeaaaattt!. . . . . . .
10) Another prime-lense for my collection would be great. ( Yeah, keep on dreaming )

I'll think of more, ofcourse there are always more, but this wishlist is for the considerable-fairly-reasonable one. ( duh! )

For strangers who are looking out to fill a spot of 'doing good deed' , leave a comment below. I'll email you my adress. I'm being positive or just hoping too much. Haha


-killing da time- said...

love da pic

Anonymous said...

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