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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tud!( No. T.A.R.T )

So, by now I think quite officially Christmas Eve. Well, Merry Xmas for those who are celebrating it. The Japanese , not many of them is Christian, although they are really big on the decoration.

My friend, Jyunko, asked me " Nina, in Malaysia what food do you guys eat for Christmas? "
Not sure of the answer I just shrugged her of, well I do not celebrate it - So I do not know the different. Is it turkey? Or isn't turkey for thanksgiving? Haha, pardon my oblivious.

Now that we are talking on food term let see the recent mouth watering food I had devoured. Happy drooling!

Well, I was NOT dining in Paris , just so you know.

Strawberry with Chocolate Brownie Tart

Love the layer, goodness! Yum!

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