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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Charles and Snowboarding

Past few days, I've been busy putting up with my winter holiday schedule. I remembered writing down "Homeworks first, then fun come after". Trust me that doesn't work. Until now, the homework are safely stack on my desk.

So, let's talk about the fun. Charles? Heh~ That was the snowman we teamed up to build it. I can proudly say it was a success. Compared to last year's, really pathetic.

Then come to snowboarding, it was awwwwweeeeesoooooomeeee! Coached by the most-pro among us all, I was real grateful, Pian never leave my side, thank you Pian! Noob as I was at that time, I experienced all kind of fall.

1) Fall from the back, head first! That hurt the most. *biol sekejap buat beberape minit*
2)Roll on my stomach, along with the board fall.
3)Chest dive, enough said. We girls tend to hurt more.


Farhah (applegreen) said...

hahah.peanut,aku bru sedar komen ko :P

alaaaa....nak pi jepun weyh!nak jumpe NEWS~hahaha

Anonymous said...

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bunga ;D said...

owner ni macam periang jer kan/...
suka tengok.