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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

21 at NOT my Best Condition.

My first post for the 2010, and it's on the 13th Jan, which is my birthday. Weeeee~ Happy Birthday Me! Present to oneself? Skipped class today. Pfftt!!! haha.

Naah, I'm kinda not well, what with sexy sore throat and coughing all. So to speak, I don't feel like going to class.But I wouldn't post some sick+feeling down pictures, I would give some awesome pictures for my readers' pleasure to view.

Here some of us, toughening (is that even a word? like 'macho'-ing ? ) in the heavy snow. We attend an English Camp as a volunteer to help some Japanese students with their English communication skills. and Yes!, we did had the camp in the middle of the snow, and I bet that camp make me sick, but it was real fun the camp. More about the camp after I get well okay~ Toodles~


yananana said...

happy birthday phee :)

syafika said...

na cntik . u can captured the snow falling. :)

adzuan aziz said...

hapy besday!