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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Some Awesome Friends Would Do This.

Hey! Guess what? I skipped class and woke up making tea to go with bread, then suddenly someone knocked on my door, and they brought cake!!!!!! and Sang to me! Woohoo, I was damn surprised...

and I think I'm not sick anymore ( Okeyh tipu, hidung beringus2 neyh, Shoooo~ ) Haha. I have to admit, I have awesome friends, and Amito, aku sayang ko. There I said it. Tall Cream cheese coating carrot cake? I couldn't say no, yet with 21 candles? Thank You!

So Excited!

My So Awesome Friends! Arep, Amito, Me and Sheela~

Arep ready to steal-blow my candles, followed by Amito too! Hey I can blow 21 candles, okay!

Sheela's art work at my face. Me showing off cake to my lil sis thru Skype.

Bro-Love . Amito&Arep series. Haha

Psssst: Pardon the messy room, and also the off-focus pictures, so excited, so I couldnt get right!


izzat said...

happy birthday pea!!!
i think they should make ur face full of cream
cuz it'll much more fun

btw the birthday cake is homemade right?

syafika said...

happy birthday
kakak yg tersyg!!