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Sunday, January 17, 2010

What's Next To Your Bed?

Some people say that to see a person, seek what on top of their desk.Maybe a billing of magazine subscribe, say Readers Digest or Hello or Cleo; then you'll know that person interest and so on. But for me what interest me the most is what laying next to their bed. or what on top of their bedside table. I love knowing other people bed time habits.

Want to know what next to my pillow?

  1. Vaseline. Apply it before bed, to prevent chapped lip.
  2. Lotion. I tend to have dry skin.
  3. Water tumbler. I always woke up in the middle of night, thirsty.
  4. Jane Austen collection book, which is not mine. Apparently I can't read it, it make me sleepy everytime, thus it became my number one solution if I can't sleep.
  5. Handphone, with alarm set.
  6. Tissue, because I'm having a runny nose with the cold. Hate it.
  7. Hooded sweater. Before I get out of bed, I put it on, because the only warm space in my house is my bed.
Under my pillow? Nope, not the picture of a beloved boyfriend what so ever. I put scissors under my bed. Scissors.Why? My mum told me so, she said to prevent me from getting anything ghostly around me. Heh~

So tell me, what's next to your bed?

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