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Thursday, January 21, 2010

I run, jump and bend.

I ran, jump and bend. Well, those were the time.A chapter of my life that to say, I am real proud at, and I wish it could be longer, even dreamed to present the country. LOL. That passion made me survive my-extra-strict-boarding-school-life-span. How I really missing it.

Nowdays, I bet I am not that once very flexible me. I guess I am old enough in the athletic-age-term. Hah! My last big tournament was the 2004 MSSM, 6 years way back. Gosh, how time flies by us, right?

Well, here's to reminiscence the good ol' day.

My peers/athletes/friends-to-hang-out/partner-in-crime-of-consuming-too-much-free-MILO-drinks. haha


Anonymous said...

stadium ukm ke ni?
macam kt ukm je :P

nadia_saleh said...

rindu pnut yg niy jugeee!!!
:) i bet u r still flexible la girl..

syafika said...

nina aku pown rindu those time ..

.o r k e d. said...

oh my!lame nye pic tuh

nad said...

omg kalau aku dah tersekat kat pagar tu ha. haha. u have a gift man!