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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Racing up

You know, sometimes along the way of our battle ( specifically saying mine; tons of exam paper ), there's some thought hitting us: "What the hell am I doing?" . or some sort like that. But distracting as it seems, it never stop us, because we knew that somehow there's going to be the END. Well whatever it takes or how much energy it drained from us, we keep on pushing it and never look back.

It's like running on a marathon. Halfway through the course, sneaking and gasping for air, of course the tempting idea for stopping come inviting us, but we are no losers right? No worries about coming out first place, be a winner on our own pace, and lets finish what we started. You know when you hit the end line of the marathon, you will feel AWESOME !

So to speak, while we are on the race, let's picture the awesomeness feeling we'll get afterward , shall we?

Amir Hamzah, my senior who set up all the bar of exam I've had to meet by his standard, and his were good, so I am struggling to cope up.

PS: atayn, yurp the pic with my friend was in UKM, the others not. Haha.


syafika said...

nina i was looking for u ..
btw my skype x download agi ..
aku format laptop aku
act mama suruh aku crik ko
kate ko in stress

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