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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Photo Enhancing 101

I just wanna do a quick post on a picture I worked on lately. I just have to say I am not a fan of over enhance picture, but a little here and there wouldn't hurt right?

Here is the before;

and here's the after;

Not much right? Well, I may had bump up the exposure too high, slightly too 'white-ish'. I meant to only 'pop' his eyes a bit and yeah soften the skin. ( although I'm sure it would be more flattering on a girl ) Haha~

Here's my recipe for this enhancing:

1)Basic work on exposure: 'Level&Curve'. Give and take, play how you like it.
2)On the eye, I did base on this Pioneer Woman 's tutorial.

Ok.Hope I've encourage somebody to try it.


adzuan aziz said...

oo,selama aku try part mata,tak penah lak pakai filter.haha.aku men sebat je.select kat mata tu,then buat dia cerah sikit then guna burn tool.haha.mantap jugak minah piooner tu nye tutorial.leh den torai.

nice photo anyway!

.o r k e d. said...

edit la gune phtoshop.kalao na simple2.try kt picnik.com