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Monday, February 22, 2010

Miss. Miss The Sunshine.

Hopped on plane, escaped from snowing Hokkaido; and right now I'm at Yamanashi, literally bathing the sun that pouring over my friend's bed over the window. Such a bliss. Then we decided to take a walk, that would do for a nice day right? 'course my camera tagged along. So here a lot of pictures. =)

Meet my friend, Diyana.

Exploring some wood.

Rocking out the umbrella with style~

Swing. Swing. Swing Baby.

Made our way through some abandoned places.

Owh, got to love the sun.


-killing da time- said...

ni rupenye keje x tdo mlm...

syafika said...

hahah nina!! can't wait for u !!! cepat laa blik ..btw ckp ngn kak didie suke die pki short skirt tuh
can i wear it?? lol

Anonymous said...

ni kat area mane ni??