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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Good Cause Freak

My exam sunk down far worse than Titanic. Went blood donating. To lift some mood, sort of. Already my third time since living here. Even the nurses and docs had already recognise me, here come's the blood donate junkie . Ha! Correction : My bad days come frequently , that's why.

" How many students come here in one day, you guys doing this ? "
" To say max is like 30 people . "

Seriously, I think people are more terrified of needles. Man, it's nothing lah. If me, the exams papers are way more terrifying.

Note: Go, go and draw some blood! You never know how much you are helping.


nad said...

its hell of a feeling beofore they stick the needle to you. but after that, you feel like doing it again. aku apply concept piercing ni.haha

syafinaghazi said...

haha~ can't remember how piercing like.got mine when i was 4.

but I still cant watch they poking me with needle though...

syafika said...

aku smpi skrg x berani derma darah agii