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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Perks on Living In Japan

Amir and me at Eid Adha's party, I know, where's my baju kurung? Long story~

Sorry, small size, bad quality picture, took from my crappy handphone's camera

Uh Oh, I have to say, living in Japan have it perks:

1) My so lost tumbler, after about 4days, found it! Right on the class's desk. The Japanese memang tak ambik barang orang. Really cool!
2)They have thrift store that are really cool and wearable. Seriously. See my green cardigan? Thrifted. The white lace dress? Thrifted! Enough said.
3)I'd succesfully made my own rendang, since they don't have it here, 'course la kot, nak wasabi? Belambak kot~

My rendang daging, where I had followed the recipe here, by Rasa Malaysia's blog.

Ps: Thrift/Second Hand don't count as shopping right? Because it's not brand-new clothing kan????


Sabrina Kamil said...

I'm in love with your blue dress!! Sukaaaaa saannnggaaaat!

Btw peanut I have moved tumblr tau. hoping for a better writing space and new motivation. :P i've posted my new url at my last post in blogspot.

And btw again, u don't have fb ek?

agzamry said...

i love it..huhuh...yummy~
sana pon ado kaaa