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Friday, April 16, 2010

Gargling Tabasco Sauce

In the middle of battling with my own throat, because seriously I felt like choking it myself.For real.It hurt much, different from other sore throat, where dryness was pretty much what I felt. But this time, no dryness, absolute moisture; but hell agonizing pain when trying to chuck food down my left side of throat. Pretty much ran a search through internet, scared, because somehow it could be tonsil; and god no, I don't want it to lead to something much serious. Hospital drama is not what my interest in.

Just want to share what I thought brilliant to gargle with, I meant other than normal warm water salt mixture. Tabasco sauce. Yes, I'm not kidding. Warm water + few drops of Tabasco sauce. Sure it sting a bit when gargling, spit it out, then a reddish mucus will follow, GAK! I think those mucus are the culprit, now that they out, YAY!. Afterward, somehow a bit soothing and numb the pain. Gargle repeatedly after 15minutes or so.

Tabasco sauce huh? Not just for pizza.

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