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Saturday, May 8, 2010


There's this old man I met, looked like a Japanese, then figured out later that he's from China.This old man with enough pride admitted himself a muslim after wishing "Assalamualaikum" to me. Impressive. At the volcano sightseeing, after much explanation to us, he deliberately included that in Islam, the volcano eruption also happen by god willing. Again impressive.

By evening, the Japanese held a barbecue party, which I'm already assume; what really took place was a massive alcohol infuse party. Obviously, nothing in sight is edible for me, except ocha and juices. Then the old man approach me; " Can you let me drink beer tonight? ". I let it hang a bit, hoping he would repeat what he said. The Japanese joined in our mid-conversation, " この人はニセのイスラムだよ/ He's not really a Muslim. ", they mentioned it as if it is the most normal thing. The old man laughed sheepishly, " ニナがいるから、飲めないよ/Nina here, I would not drink".

As if asking me would make a different. Even if I granted him a permission, it would not change a thing. He was down can by can for all I know that night. I was far mad than embarrass in front of the Japanese.

Morning came, had breakfast by the same table of the old man. Halfway eating, he asked " Bismillah とか言ってた?/Have you said your prayer? ". Smiled, nodded. But all I wanted to do was punch him in the face, and seriously, why bother anyway to admit himself a Muslim ?

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huk3..stapler je mulut de..hik3