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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Of Ice Cream And Walking Mannequin

Yesterday, is a 'perk me up day', went to get ice cream at baskin, note to friend in Japan: there's promotion for June, triple scoop for the price of double scoop only.

Got mine in cup, because it was raining outside, I was rather stuck in the mall. Made a trip at GAP, yes with ice cream, not suppose too, then while browsing, the sale-person approach me, "かわいね。Cute!".


Then after a while, SHOOT! I was wearing a green polka dot t-shirt, bought there, a few days before, and what's more it's GAP KIDS.!!! Try and picture me as an immature adult GAP KIDS model, all happy gawking and wide smile tooth appearing. Don't blame me, blame the asian height.

Moral of the story: Double check what you are wearing if you are going into a clothes store. You might not want to end up like a walking mannequin of theirs.


izzat said...

mantap la ko pea
aku rase aku pernah kot jd mcm walking mannequin
one day aku jln kat zara pas2 pki baju zara ngan selambaje
n then one of the promoter look at me with weird look
then when i look at back at myself i wore on of the zara's t-shirt

igtkn aku sorang je

syafinaghazi said...

haha, tahu takpe...xkisah kalau pakai baju season lame ke...ni mmg kantoi2 baju on sale that week... haisy...

izzat said...

2 lg mantao weyh
mmg sah la ko jd mannequin utk gap la ari 2
hahaha (^^)p