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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Potraiture | Arep & Nani

When your companion came all over by flights just to spend a few days with you, well, you know she's a keeper. Lucky you, Arep. And again happy 23rd. Yesterday was Arep's birthday, and as Nani had went back a few days before, she made me brought her present to him, and just his face, his face say it all when he opened his present.

Here's a few picture I managed while hanging out with them, and all of this really obvious show what they had. Can't help feeling jealous, yet I'm glad for them.

Location: Shibazakura Garden ( Tiny, sakura that grow from the ground) & Tulip Park

I'll end with my favourite; AwwwWWwww , he adore her. Simply.


nizamsani said...


syafinaghazi said...

nizam sani: terima kasih ^^

Gadis.. said...

serious shafina, cantik gler la jepun nie... u, pulak mmg pandai amek gambar.. i like it.. :-)

syafika said...

na tuh gf arep ek..??
sweet tgk gmbr dorgg!!! omg jeless 2 huhu

::NaS:: said...

peanut,kalo rajin jawab la tag aku :D