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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Snuggling On Creaking Bed

It's cerekarama time, well it's the only Malaysian tv channel we get in Hatyai hotel that time. We came over to our parent's room, feet hurt from shopping, so we snuggle close on the bed. Lots of drama commentating, yet we still remained watching the drama. Maybe it's not the drama, it was nice, being there, together, on the creaking queen bed. Until one of us farted, which actually funny, then kicked out of the bed. But after a while, we still snuggle close, tighter infact. Until suddenly Dad went out of bed, and get the camera, and as a wise man he is, he knew, this would not last long.What we had that night at a low rate Hatyai hotel, will be miss, because we will out grew each other, and while it last, I know he wanted to capture it. Even the picture didn't make it, I'm sure he had taken his own memory of us together plagued in his mind. And I hope it'll last forever.

Happy Fathers Day all.

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nad said...

happy fathers day to all fathers!