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Sunday, August 1, 2010

HIS Artwork

Quick-snap in my really-really small balcony

I was in awe just now. No. I am in awe.It was 4 am.Long night for me, frantic researching for reports/assignment and also scurrying over notes for exam, decided to take a break; another dose of caffeine is crucial.( To make it thru the morning =p )

Then when I flipped over my curtain blind, I was stoke to find the sun rise. Really am. It was first, dark sky turning into blue-ish tinged , vivid blue until clear blue. Then the sun started to show bit by bit. Orange hue started to color the sky. And I really love how the ray of sun splattered on the clouds, making it redden, and somehow look like the sky is on fire. SUBHANALLAH . How much I adore HIS artwork.


-killing da time- said...


izzat said...

fantastic view

a'thiqah said...

masyaAllah.. cantik! u~ buat postcard la~ :D

Diloz said...

damn cantik!
Gunma punya langit tak cun macam ni pun.