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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

PhotoDoodle| Another Day

Stretching out of bad - yawning . Making way for a quick shower, putting on the boiler on the way. Cold water spurs - cursing , then it turns warm - thats better , then it get hotter,boiling even - what the &#$% ?! . Gave up. Head for the wardrobe, start staring and head scratching - blank , tempted to repeat last week's clothes - surely no one would notice, right ? . Get dress after making a cup of coffee - inhale ; nothing like's the smell of caffeine for a day start . Dressing up in front of the mirror - seriously, you know, you could really use a smile . Heh! . Drinking the coffee, realized it's scalding hot - cursing again . Eventually finished it, pulled daily bag, iPod, keys - got everything? Put on the boots, and by the door, exclaimed - another day, huh?

This is almost how I started my daily day. Perhaps I should change a little for another better day. They say how we start could lead to everything that comes down for the day. I hope everybody have a better start than me, and I could learn some too. Anyway Happy Eid. Ade resipi untuk lodeh/lontong? Haha. Teringin.


White Orchid said...

resipinya adalah - Balik Msia. Hehehehe.

Think positive, Be positive. :)

adzuan aziz said...

salam aidiladha beb:)