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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Soft Spot On Animal

A friend of mine make me subscribe to Google Reader. It's a great source. Basically it helps compile blogs/resources on what you like to read. Plus , it helps suggest what you may like to read base on what you have read and so on. A particular one that I like is ' The Big Picture ', news stories on photograph web page, obviously because it's photo related. Anyway I've been amaze at some animal related picture. I have a thing on them. Let me put this way - I have butterfly curtains clipper decoration thingy, giraffe-shape night lamp, cow pillow, owl necklace, elephant printed grocery bag, monkey soft toy and a few more. Oh, and do any leopard printed clothing count? hehe.

And since everything in HD nowdays, astro beyond and such, back home I'm the only one that always turn on to Nat Geo. Every thing look so real. Man, the fur of the grizzly bear, looks really plushy and soft, but their paws when they ripped salmon? Scary.

Seriously go and check few photos from this amazing web page. You might be in awe later.

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