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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Those time

Thought of sum it up what I miss those time.

1)The old Play Station. Every time the disc won't play right, we just spit at it a little and gave it a wipe with a cloth. Work like a charm. And why does every game title nowdays separate according to console? Not everybody could afford every game console okay.

2)Mix taping on Hitz fm. Seriously. Back then it was all boy band. 911, Boyzone, Backstreet Boys, N'sync, and truth I couldn't really remember, up to the recent boy band that I really had digged was Blue, and by their time I had their album tapes ( still couldn't afford CD yet ).

3)Calling a friend by house number.The one , in my case started 03-*******, and then while it's ringing, deeply contemplating how to ask for her; "Hello, ( put a name here ) ade tak?". In the same time begging it's not her garang father or annoying brothers that pick it up.

4)Talk about phone. It's become annoying when we had our first wireless phone. I mean without the cord. Only one at that time, and when it goes missing, simple, try my sister's bed. ( Sungguh kaki gayut )

5)Mirc, or something-something chatting room. Those short term. ASL?haha. Then just about when I thought I could handle talking to a grown up, they changes the subject to more whatever-rated-version. Spoilled.

6) Myspace/Friendster. Glittering comment. Layout? We really want to be coolest one huh?

7)Putting a vcr to record mode, just because we were forced to visit some relative during those cuti sekolah special programme on tv. Dude, vcr.

8) Then the first vcd that Dad brought back home is Parents Trap. Cute. Afterwards we all struggle to memorize the handshake dance step stuff. haha

Okay, toodles.

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