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Thursday, September 29, 2011

To feel belong to

In all my life; specifically saying my athletic chapter of life, I had been more of a solo competing thingy. What do you expect?All I did competing was alone; 100m, hurdles, long jump , bla3~

But, what really still fresh in my mind was the sweet victory of us, yes I said us, competing in 4x100 meters. It was my school team, and if I was given a chance to do it again, I wanna live that moment. I know they hate my guts, I had been practically dragging them to follow me practice and train almost everyday. For somebody who actually consider training a norm-routine, wasn't really a big deal. So I know for you guys, its just a school meets, you were doing it for fun, of course you guys hate my guts at that time.

But deny if you want, the victory was sweet ayte? How we come close head to head to the other school, and how every baton passing between us really matters. And we did win. I'm not sure you guys heard this at the end of the line, a man came up to us and said ; " Berbaloikan training? ". Smiled and he left.

So, trust me, winning solo, isn't as sweet as winning as a team. You win for all. Victory shared, cheers flock around, high fives, pat in the back and all. I guess I'm jealous for you guys out there who actually play all around for team game. Really, it's great. And we all know that it's nice to feel like we belong somewhere, and not just alone.

Just a picture from recent conference trip with my lab mates; of course all japs, except me and one chinese guy.

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