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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Under the Weather

Taken by Sam Javanrouh, found it through [daily dose of imagery]

Lucky for us here, the typhoon hitting Japan didn't go through Hokkaido. No big deal really.It's been raining quite heavily, not cats and dogs, but like really-really long duration of rain. It do stop for a while, but it's been continuous for 3days already. I actually like listening to the bits of rains dropping to the pavement, splash plop of it. And I've been hiding in my room for all those time, feeling under the weather I guess, and my fingers hurt, er, played too much of guitar hero.

Just wanna share a link, so awesome, and it reminds me to where I always remembered how normal raining season in KL felt like. Check this. Especially the lower one, you need to move your mouse through the pictures.

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